Visiting the Neon Museum In Las Vegas

I’ve been to Las Vegas at least 4 times and not until the last visit did I hear about the neon museum. Once I saw all the beautiful pictures people were able to capture I knew I had to visit. Now that I’ve experienced it, I’ll share with you some tips and thoughts on visiting the Neon Museum in Las Vegas.


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Visiting the Neon Museum In Las Vegas



What is the Neon Museum?

I would describe it as a graveyard for old/ unrestored neon signs from Vegas. They have unrestored signs from the Hard Rock Cafe, Sahara, Moulin Rouge, Stardust, and much more.

They have two different areas with neon signs, the Main Collection and the North Gallery. Since I only visited the Main Collection, I can’t say too much about the North Gallery. I did find that the Main Collection had enough signs for different photo opportunities.



Admissions into the Main Collection is $30 per person! If you want to visit the North Gallery, then you must purchase $24 tickets to the Brillant, which is a 25 minute light show. If you want to visit both, you have to buy tickets for both the Main collection and the Brillant show separately for $54 total.

You can purchase tickets on their website.


How to visit the museum from the strip?

We found that the easiest way to get to the museum from the strip was with Lyft or Uber. It cost us $25 round trip. They do have parking specifically for the neon museum if you have a car.


What time of day should you go?

When buying your tickets, you have to pick a time of day that you would like to attend. I opted to go at 9 am when they first opened. Why? Because Las Vegas heat will have you thinking, “moving to Antarctica doesn’t sound so bad.” I’ve also been to Las Vegas in the wintertime, and it gets cold! Like so cold that I felt the need to keep moving to keep from freezing, cold. Just keep in mind that it is an entirely opened-aired museum leaving you exposed to the elements. 9 am was perfect because it was only four other people and us making it easier to get pictures without people in them.

It also depends on what you’re going there to see. If you want to see the Brilliant lights show, then you should go at night. If you’re going to the Main Collection, then I would suggest going during the day because a lot of the signs so not light up anymore.


How long to get through the entire museum?

You can walk around the yard at your own pace and take as many pictures as you want. I was able to take multiple images in front of numerous signs with different poses all in 30 mins! I was in and out! The key is going before the crowd.


The Neon Museum should most definitely be on the top of your Las Vegas bucket list!



Now for some of the photos, I was able to capture at the museum!

Neon Museum Las Vegas



Neon Museum













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