The Best At-Home Cold Brew

I’ve been on a journey to making the best coffee I can at home. I recently discovered the french press, and I’ve been using it consistently since. It took me a while to figure out how to get the perfect hot coffee. And by the time I was able to find my ideal combination, the weather in Texas started to get hotter and hotter slowly. So I began to experiment with how to make the best at-home cold brew. And I believe that I now have it down packed. I use my french press for both making hot coffee and cold brew. And it has yet to disappoint. Okay, Okay enough rambling…. let’s move on to how I make my coffee.


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French Press

The french press does all the straining for you. No more cheese cloths or separate strainers. It’s super convenient. You can purchase a 3 cup(12oz), 4 cup (17oz), 8 cup (34oz), and 12 cup(51oz) french press. It all depends on your coffee consumption, but I feel like the 34oz  french press is a perfect size. 


Course ground coffee

They say the best way to make coffee is to ground your coffee fresh before using it. That seems like too much work for me. I decided to try different types of cold brew coffee that’s already ground. And I landed on the Stone Street Cold Brew Coffee. It is strong without an acidic, bitter taste. The result is a smooth drink that’s perfect for adding milk or creamer. However, I wouldn’t use this for hot coffee. It has an entirely different taste when it’s not cold brew.




I’ve found that I prefer the 8oz (1 cup) of coffee to 5 cups of water ratio. This ratio makes really strong coffee that can withstand adding milk or creamer. If you don’t prefer strong coffee, do an 8oz (1 cup) of coffee to 8 cups of water ratio. Also, take into account your coffee becoming diluted with ice cubes.



Strong Coffee

8 oz (1 cup) of Stone Street Course Ground Cold Brew

5 cups of filtered water


Milder Coffee

8 oz (1 cup) of Stone Street Course Ground Cold Brew

8 cups of filtered water


  1. Pour the coffee ground into the bottom of the french press
  2. Pour some of the water over the grounds making sure to wet all the grounds. Give it a slight mix if you miss some of the grounds.
  3. Pour the rest of the water over the coffee grounds into the french press.
  4. Place the lid on without pressing the handle down
  5. Brew in the refrigerator for 20 hours. Or on the counter for 14 to 18 hours




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