Make A Candle at Paddywax Candle Bar

Since moving to Dallas at the end of 2019, I’ve been trying to explore Dallas and get to know the city. And one of the first areas we explored was Deep Ellum. I immediately fell in love with the area due to them having so many amazing restaurants and cute shops. While exploring, we stumbled upon Paddywax Candle Bar while getting coffee at Merit Coffee Co next door. We walked in, and one of the employees explained the entire process on how to make a candle at Paddywax Candle Bar. We decided to come back for a date night the following week. This post is to give you a synopsis about my experience and whether or not I would recommend it. 


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Make A Candle at Paddywax Candle Bar



What is the Paddywax Candle Bar?

Paddywax is a candle bar that allows you to pick out a fragrance and a candle vessels, and they walk you through the steps on creating your candle for $40 per person. 



The Booking Process

On the Paddywax website, you can reserve your seat at any of their 11 locations. We went to the Dallas location in Deep Ellum. It started as a pop-up, but they officially confirmed that it would become a permanent location. Once they become permanent, they will move to another location in Deep Ellum. The Dallas location is open Tuesday- Sunday. 


Before Making The Candles

On the day of our reservation, we arrived 15 minutes early because they do start on time. They do allow you to BYOB, so arriving before your reservation time will enable you to set all that up. They sat us next to another couple, and it allowed for an even better experience. The couple we met had also just moved to Dallas, so it was a perfect opportunity to meet new people. 


Once our reservation time arrived, our lovely instructor told us how everything would work and took us through the different fragrances and vessels they offered. I’m almost sure that they had a vessel for everyone’s taste and to match your home decor. She explained which vessels took wood, single, and triple wicks. Also, each of their vessels can be re-purposed after your candle burns out. You can also come in for a re-pour at 30% off if you want a new candle in the same vessel. 


We had 10 mins to pick out the fragrance and the vessel we wanted. They had four categories of fragrances: spice, woody, sweet, and fresh. Each category has multiple different fragrances you can pick. I’m more of a fresh scent person, so I picked Verbena and Eucalyptus. My husband wanted to make something woody, so he chose Driftwood and Indigo. 

Making The Candles

Once we picked the fragrances, she instructed us on how to measure out the fragrances and wax depending on which vessel we chose. One thing I enjoyed was the focus on safety. I never made candles at home due to my fear of being burned or something going wrong. So I’m glad that they made sure everything was safe. 

After everything was combined and poured into our vessels, she gave us tips on proper candle care. And we had 20% off on all the items in the shop. It does take up to three hours for the candle to solidify, so we came back the following day to pick ours up. I believe that they can hold it for up to 30 days, or they can ship it to you for $8. If you don’t pick up your candle after the 30 days, they do donate them to local charities. 

Would I recommend it?

Absolutely! I loved our instructor, and she made it so much more enjoyable. They were extremely patient with everyone and allowed you to take photos during different parts of the process. Most people would think that $40 is a lot for one candle. However, it’s more than just buying a candle. Its the experience as a whole. I love candles, so having one that I made myself means way more to me than purchasing one at bath and body works. And to be able to do it in a safer environment made it even better. Us Being able to make our candles made for a fantastic date night and a good break from the traditional dinner and a movie. I will be back to refill my vessel as soon as it runs out! 



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