How to Set Goals And Achieve Them

At the beginning of the year I always set new goals that I want to accomplish. And before 2019 I was not able to remember, them let alone accomplish them. I have always been a goal-setter and forgetter! I would sit down and write down all my different goals and then forget them a few months later. Once I realized that me not sticking to my goals could be the reason why my life was so stagnant, I decided to change. I developed a way to constantly remind me of my goal while taking small steps to get there. Hopefully my process will show you how to set goals and achieve them in the time frame that you want it to.


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How to Set Your Goals



1.Develop categories that you want to accomplish goals in. 


Most of us have more than one goal that we want to accomplish. By Putting your goals into different categories allows your goals to be more specific, manageable and attainable. This year I decided to break down my goals into 5 categories:

Personal(Mentally, Physically, Socially)





These are the five things that I feel like needs improvement/ things that I can always work on.



2. Answer the question, Where/How would I like to be this time next year?


Its the ultimate questions to figure out what you want to accomplish. Asking yourself this questions will lead to you being able to determine what your goals are.

Now think about that question in perspective to each category you wrote down. The answer may not pop in your head immediately, so give it time. Think deeply about where you want to be.

The answer to this question last year about my fitness goals was to be in the best shape I’ve ever been in. So I set out to be the best me when it came to fitness than I had ever been in the past. My finance goals was to have a larger security blanket. So I set my goal to save thousands of dollars last year.


Setting Goals

How to Accomplish Your Goals


1. Break down your goal 

I start with my “Where do I want to be this time next year?” goals and break them down to smaller goals. Instead of focusing on one big goal I’m able to focus on a smaller goal that gets me closer to accomplishing my overall goal.


Yearly goal:

Get in the best shape of my life


Jan Goal: Go to 5 Yoga classes this month

Feb Goal: Go to the gym 5 times a week

Wed Goal: Take a healthy cooking class


2. Schedule ahead of time

At the start of each week, schedule tasks to accomplish your monthly goal. If your monthly goal is to attend 5 yoga classes, you should find and schedule those yoga classes in advance. No matter what your monthly goal is planning/scheduling in advance will get your one step closer to accomplishing your goal. Advance planning gives you one less excuse for why you can’t do something.


3. Evaluate 

At the beginning of the next month, I evaluate whether or not I accomplished the previous months goals. If I didn’t accomplish it, I determine what prohibited me from accomplishing the goal I set.


4. Write everything down

Make sure your write everything down. I write down every goals both overall and monthly. I also write down what I find during my evaluations. This allows you to use everything you wrote down as a reference. No more forgetting what your goals are and what did or didn’t work. I prefer to use my bullet journal, but you can use anything you please.










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