About Me

Hello World! Thank you so much for checking out Demi Joie. I hope that you will enjoy my content and continue to come back. 

My name is Demetress. I am originally from Georgia, but I was raised partially in Maryland until I decided to return to Georgia for college. After obtaining my bachelor’s degree, I moved to Texas to start my career in the medical field. 

I decided to start Demi Joie because I needed to have something outside of my current career. Once I would clock out for the day, I was having a difficult time removing myself from the things that happened that day. The Healthcare field takes up a lot of my time. It also can be mentally and physically exhausting some days. Once I started developing my blog, I realized how much I enjoyed writing and being creative. It has been the perfect escape.

I love posting about fashion, skincare, traveling, and giving a small glimpse of my life. Again, thank you for visiting my blog! ♡

– Demi